Rimowa Columbus Collection

rimowa_columbus-collection As much as I would like something from Rimowa’s Columbus collection accompanying me on my travels, there’s no way one could logically lug this onto any commercial flight unless one only travelled first class, or owned a private jet. That’s because besides the fact that they are breathtakingly brawny, the trunks are also massive, the largest of the 4-piece collection measuring some 102 cm across by 53.5 cm.

Cast in aluminium with the same ridged pattern that’s now distinctly Rimowa, each hulking piece of luggage comes with a trio of heavy-set twist locks, a pair of handles on each end, and wheels, of course, so that your butler can easily wheel it while looking dignified trailing behind you.

If, however, you don’t fly first class or own a private jet, you could still get it and use it as a coffee table, which is exactly how you’ll find it displayed if you were to visit Rimowa’s spanking new flagship at Mandarin Gallery. Priced at SGD2600 a pop for the largest one that also comes with a thick sheet of glass, it will be the conversation starter sitting proudly in your living room. And because it’s still a trunk, you could also use it to store winter wear or spare sets of quilt covers and bed linen. Or your dead mother-in-law.

Image: Rimowa

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