Moschino Luisa & Gennarino iPhone5 Case

moschino_luisa-gennarino-iphone5-case One’s a goose, the other, a teddy bear. Named Lusia and Gennarino, feel like a kid every time you whip out your iPhone5, which would be snugly snuggled (can I say that?) in the silicone case. The good? If ever you dropped your phone, it would land with a softer thud, resulting in fewer scuffs. The bad? Losing your credibility in the boardroom as soon it as makes an appearance beside your notepad on the table.

Now available at Moschino Paragon, you can get Luisa, along with Gennarino in 4 different colours (Brown, Pink, Red and Yellow) for the iPhone5 and the iPhone4, priced at SGD100 each. Or get them via Shopbop where they are USD75 each, which pretty much makes them around the same price if you buy it in Singapore.

And as far as credibility is concerned, I really can’t be arsed. Meet my Gennarino here.

Image: Moschino

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