B3: Trunk Show

bbm443 Because we all long to have a stack of these sitting in our living room (or bedroom, you get the picture), it’s frankly not easy to actually get one especially if you live in Singapore (or in the region) and don’t have access to estate sales, fine vintage purveyors or rich relations with gorgeous vintage trunks in their living room or bedrooms.

What we do have access to is Christie’s, which I thought for the longest time was a playground meant for 1% of the populace. Not true. All you really have to do is to sign up for an account and you’re good to go. And with Christie’s ongoing online auction ‘Vintage Couture‘, it’s your chance (and mine) to pick up beautifully-aged trunks and steams from Louis Vuitton.

Pricey? Well, it really depends on how you look at it. The largest of the 3 trunks shown above is estimated to be worth around GBP6500, which is a steal for something that was made in the early 20th century, that must have surely travelled far with wonderful tales to tell, if it could, that is.

Besides vintage trunks, you will also find bags from the likes of Chanel and Hermès (some from recent years, others too old to decipher). What’s more important to note is that there are definitely bargains to be had, from the ever-popular Birkin in many colours and sizes in the GBP5000 to GBP7000 range to a chocolate-brown Constance that’s now holding at GBP4000.

In other words, head over to Christie’s now and have a look at what’s available. Who knows? You might just be rewarded with a beautiful vintage bag you thought was never attainable.

Image: Christie’s

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