Hermès Jypsière In Orange Clemence Bullcalf

hermes_jypsiere-orange-clemence-bullcalf For those of you not familiar with the Hermès Jypsière, here’s a quick crash course. Touted as a unisex bag, you could say it’s the messenger/sling version of the Birkin, which should give you a pretty good idea on how the clasp works. No handles are to be found on this version; instead you’ll find a long shoulder strap that’s also adjustable.

Lift the front flap and you’ll find the standard compartments inside: a zip pocket, as well as two patch pockets, great for all manner of personals. Available in a variety of sizes and colours (including the new dual-colour combo ones I’ve been seeing at boutiques earlier this year), here comes the downside.

As much as I love the way this bag looks (and the bonus being because it’s Hermès, I know it will be crafted to perfection), I do think it won’t be entirely practical trying to get stuff in and out of the bag, especially when a) you have to undo the clasp, and b) you’re in a hurry. Which is also the main reason why I’ve resisted for as long as I have, even though it’s pretty ‘abundant’ in the boutiques lately.

What say you?

Image: Hermès

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  • Ongsl says:

    It’s a super heavy bag. To the extend that it gives me a backache.

  • anne says:

    thank you bb… is there a way that we can find out if the hermes bag is authentic? i recently bought a garden party in tosca and i was able to compare it with another garden party in tosca bought in the hermes store in paris and there seems to be a difference. i’m beginning to doubt that my reseller sold me a fake one. the one bought in paris has slightly wider handles than mine.

    the reseller also claims that she bought it in hermes italy but could not present a receipt from the hermes store. what she presented to me was a tax refund receipt. she said that when you ask for a tax refund, they will get the receipt. my other reseller says otherwise because she has with her all the receipts from hermes despite the fact that she also does the tax refunds.

  • Richard says:

    Agreed. Tried it a few times at the store but its not a bag for me. Space is limited in the bag. I chose the Evelyne over this. Much more convenient and far less in price, especially from Paris!

  • nafnaf says:

    i have to admit, it’s a gorgeous bag, but it’s pretty heavy… i’ve tried it twice and it’s a bit impractical… i got an evelyne instead…

  • BB, this bag wouldn’t be practical for me either especially when I got to chase my kids around while running some errands outside! (FB)

  • anne says:

    hi! may i ask if hermes authenticates bags bought from resellers?

  • Definitely agree with you BB. The bag in itself is adorable. I’ve been contemplating this one myself. Unfortunately (or fortunately enough) utility is a big issue – may be worth carrying it around unclasped here in Singapore but don’t think it’s advisable for travel – which is in any case why messenger/sling bags are quite useful for.

  • Nicholas says:

    I’ve seen people wearing it with the flap placed inside (like an ‘open Birkin) but because the flap is much bigger, it’s more of ‘stashed’ inside and doesn’t look right. This method, while a little less troublesome for some instances, also covers the two inner pockets.

  • looplogic says:

    It is decidedly more unisex than the other house icons (Birkin/HAC and Kelly)… One way of overcoming this problem is to carry it around with the clasp undone… Charming in a louche (albeit careless) way.

    Or just get an Evelyne. LOL.

  • xan says:

    Prefer the Evelyne you have anytime.

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