Hermès Herbag Zip

hermes_herbag-zip-black As far as I’m aware, what used to be the Herbag is now the Hermès Herbag Zip, a reworked bag that now only comes with one ‘body’. You see, the old Herbag used to be sold in set of two, where the top part of the bag (in leather where the flap and the handle is) could be interchanged with another ‘body’ in a different size.

The Herbag Zip, however, has done away with all that. And as the inclusion of the word zip in the name implies, they all now come with a zip pocket at the back, where oddly enough is also where you’ll find the padlock. There’s also the inclusion of a canvas zip pouch on the inside on the bag, which can be used together with the bag or removed and used separately on its own.

Available in 3 sizes, the 31, the 39 and Cabine, the measurements are as follows. The 31 measures 31 cm by 25 cm, the 39 is 39 cm by 31 cm, and finally, the Cabine which is the largest and comes in at 52 cm by 36 cm.

hermes_herbag-zip-cassisPriced more affordably than its full leather siblings, the fact that it comes in many colours makes it even more popular, despite the fact that getting into the bag takes some getting used to. There is an upside to it, however. Having your wallet in the main compartment all ‘locked’ up means it will be almost impossible for pickpockets, while the zip pocket at the back let’s you pack in your smartphone, a card or two and other small essentials.

Images: Hermès

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