Hermès Aline

hermes_aline Walk into most any Hermès boutique in the world and you’ll be guaranteed a glimpse of this hanging on a hook on a wall somewhere. Technically not sold as a bag (though that hasn’t stopped some from buying it and using it as one), Hermès Aline forms part of the French house’s equestrian collection, a simple canvas pouch with a leather cord which a rider would use. What for exactly, I’m not sure.

What I am sure is that for those looking for a simple messenger that’s not required to carry too much, the Aline would be ideal, a casual sling that’s easy to use and fuss-free to maintain. Available in a variety of colours, it retails for USD890 a pop, or in Singapore, around SGD1250 or so.

Which to some might be expensive, but for a blue-blooded Hermès fan, it’s another piece to covet and add to the collection.

Image: Hermès

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