Furla Sunset Candy

furla_sunset-candy Whilst this could already be my 385th post on the Candy, I doubt most of you (especially the hardcore fans) would mind, especially when it comes in such a special treatment. Known as the Furla Sunset Candy and due to be launched in Singapore come April 2013, it’s a see-through vinyl bag with a slight difference.

If you look closely, you’ll see a gradation of colour from purple to blue, also technically known as ombre that’s a lot more interesting than say, a solid-hued one or one that’s just transparent. Everything else is the same and the bag will come with its standard issue accessories, including a shoulder sling, a bag charm and a padlock to complete its look.

And a quick tip for those who love the bag but are paranoid about others seeing its contents. Just get any dust bag in black (or in a nice matching hue), pop your essentials in and then put the whole thing inside your Candy. That’s it really. No word yet on the retail price in Singapore so do expect another update soon.

Image: Furla 

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