Chanel Large Boy Chanel

chanel_large-boy-chanel If I had a dollar every time a guy emailed me to ask if it was all right for them to buy (and use) the Boy Chanel, I would have enough money by now to actually buy myself one. Frankly, I’m past right or wrong when it comes to what kind of bag one should or should not use, regardless of gender. Girls are using mens bags, and the boys are wearing ones made originally for the ladies. In other words, so long as you’re happy, go for it.

I will, however, give this one piece of advice. As far as wearing bags well is concerned, it’s almost always about proportion. If you’re a hulking 6 ft guy for example, the small Boy Chanel will definitely look ridiculous on you. The same goes for girls who carry totes that are twice their size. What are you carrying inside? All your life’s belongings?

And before this post becomes a personal pet peeve rant, here’s the Chanel Large Boy Chanel from the S/S13 collection that girls and guys (who are of the right proportion, of course) could consider. Measuring 30 cm by 22 cm, it’s a stunning lambskin bag in black and white that should retail for SGD6490.

Image: Chanel

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  • Ben Matronic says:

    I DO NEED ONE – I’m addicted to CHANEL and especially their bags – but the Boy bag came straight from heaven down to earth, so everyone get’s a glimpse at what they call perfection. (FB)

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