Bally Papillon

bally_papillon-tan-orange Having ‘mocked’ this bag some months back, it came as a surprise that it also managed to stop me dead in my tracks as I passed by the Bally boutique today at Takashimaya Department Store. Yes, it still comes with the laser-cut detailing that’s even more beautiful up close, especially the one in tan with its contrasting interior in orange, which was the one I fondled indecently the moment I picked it up.

Beautifully crafted and really intricate as far as the way it was put together, the Bally Papillon also comes with its very own drawstring leather pouch that was extremely supple, immediately nixing all previous doubts I had about it. Your essentials will be safe, and snug, in its own carrier, which would then be nestled inside the Papillon.

The most surprising thing about the bag though wasn’t the fact that it was lightweight, but that it retails for just SGD2590, which I do feel is really reasonable for something that’s set to be a head-turner wherever you go.

Image: Bally

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