Shanghai Tang S/S13 Cloud Clutch & River Pouch

shanghai_tang_ss13-cloud-clutch-river-pouch A fan of most things chinoiserie, I do like the occasional blue porcelain bowl with an orange goldfish painted on, or an embroidered photo album with motifs depicting peace and prosperity, done tastefully, of course. And in the same vein, I’m liking these two new S/S13 bag offerings from Shanghai Tang, which thankfully have stuck to a limited colour palette and simple motifs as far as the clutch and the pouch are concerned.

First up, the Shanghai Tang Beaded Cloud Clutch: a beautifully beaded and embroidered sequin clutch. Measuring 16.5 cm across by 9 cm, it’s the standard oval clutch shape much beloved by all, and only saved lifted by the inspiration it took from a heavenly abode. Retailing for SGD675, it’s 100% silk on the exterior wrapped around a hard frame and lined with satin on the interior.

For something a lot more fun, on-trend and affordable, there is the Shanghai Tang Tibetan River Print Pouch, which like many such pouches on the market today are made of coated canvas for durability. 23.5 cm across by 15.5 cm in measurement, it should fit a iPad Mini, or your outing essentials on any given day. Priced at SGD180 apiece, it is available in colours like Red, Orange and Navy.

Chinoiserie, done right. Because there’s really no shame being ‘cheena’ once in a while.

Image: Shanghai Tang

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