Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore Heartbreaker

louis_vuitton_monogram-multicolore-heartbreaker1 Given how huge the bag universe is over at Louis Vuitton, I can safely say that there won’t be one person alive who knows their full catalogue of bags and SLGs in all its different permutations and sizes, which has to run into the thousands at the very least. Which is also why whenever I’m over on their online site I will definitely be able to come across something I’ve never seen, like the Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore Heartbreaker, for example.

Originally created by Takashi Murakami (the print, not the bag) in the 90s, the Monogram Multicolore pattern features the brand’s icons in colour on white or black backgrounds and has remained a staple at the French house ever since, appearing on and off on new bags and SLG designs over the years.

louis_vuitton_monogram-multicolore-heartbreaker2 The Monogram Multicolore Heartbreaker is in a nutshell a very small bag, measuring just 15 cm across by 16 cm in height, which makes it slightly broader but much shorter than the iPad Mini if just to give you an idea. Sporting a rather short shoulder sling, it’s finished with the classic Charnière lock and lined with calfskin on the interior. Given its unusually small size, I’m not sure how popular it would be (or if it’s even still in production), but you’ve got to admit it’s cute, even if it costs EUR1170 a pop.

Images: Louis Vuitton

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