Fauré Le Page Vertical Tote

faure_le_page_vertical-tote Chancing upon this last year while on my pilgrimage to Chanel’s Rue Cambon boutique was truly a delight, and seeing how they were almost side by side (because everyone is instantly fixated with Chanel’s windows as soon as they turn into the street), I was glad I didn’t miss it when I was walking by.

Known as Fauré Le Page, it has a historied lineage that spanned seven generations, founded in the time of Louis XV who reigned in France from 1710 to 1774. Originally a master gunsmith to kings and princes, they are celebrated by the likes of authors Balzac, Dumas and Pushkin for their contribution to revolutionary forces in 1789 (that one toppled Louis XVI) and 1830 (also known as the July Revolution that saw Charles X executed), handing out weapons like sabres and swords.

faure_le_page_passport-cover Fast forward to today and Fauré Le Page has been revived as a bag maker, with their signature monogram featuring their iconic scale motif, which reminds me off the cross-section of a gun barrel. Available in four different hues (Brown, Blue, Grey and Green), the coated canvas monogram can be found in a wide variety of bags, from vertical totes to cabas carryalls (think Saint Louis) to all manner of SLGs from passport covers (shown above) to zip pochettes and gun-shaped coin purses.

Prices aren’t obscene either, with passport covers starting from EUR180 and zip pochettes starting at over a hundred euros for the smallest size (21 cm by 15.5 cm). So the next time you’re in Paris, pop in for a quick look at 21 Rue Cambon before you head into Chanel. Or drop them an email, because like Goyard and Moynat, the lovely folk at Fauré Le Page will be glad to send you images from their line-up and help you with orders.

In other words, happy shopping.

Images: Fauré Le Page

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