H&M + David Beckham Bodywear Collection

hm_david_beckham_bodywear-collection2 Even though I’ve officially lost track of the number of times David Beckham and H&M have collaborated on collections for his Bodywear line, I must stress that it’s never a bad thing to see David Beckham in nothing but a pair of skimpy briefs. In fact, having his new campaign image set as the wallpaper of my new MacBook Pro Retina is not exactly a good idea, especially with everything shown in exceedingly great detail, if you know what I mean.

Palpitating heart aside, the sexy footballer was also excited to be working with Guy Ritchie on this campaign, which includes a video the latter directed. Says Beckham, ‘I’ve admired the work he’s done in the past so it was a great coup by H&M to get him to direct the campaign. Guy knows how to capture action and humour incredibly well. It was a real honour to work with a talent like him.’

hm_david_beckham_bodywear-collection1Sporting the same conviction that’s prevalent in his career and his family, Beckham was dedicated to his Bodywear line. ‘We spent eighteen months researching what makes good underwear, and what we could add to make it even better. We spent a long time on the fit, and then also all the details of design. The elastic is as comfortable as it can be, and seams are covered to stop scratching.’ Adds Beckham, ‘I also wanted there to be no overt branding on the products, so my name isn’t plastered across the waistband. I want the products to speak for themselves, and to form part of a core collection of new classics.’

For those of you still curious about the video, I can say this. It will be the best minute or so spent watching David Beckham doing the impossible in nothing but a pair of briefs. And because that’s all I’m allowed to say at the moment, wait till 6 February for the launch of the exclusive video right here on the blog, with the collection going on sale in Singapore on 7 February 2013.

Images: H&M

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