Gucci Infinity Canvas Flora Sneaker

gucci_infinity-canvas-floral-sneaker Not to be confused with the Anniversary Horsebit Loafer In Mini Flora Infinity Canvas that’s all over my Facebook and Instagram accounts now, this is the sportier variation also featuring the floral pattern. Guys, meet the Gucci Infinity Canvas Flora Sneaker, Frida’s dandiest offering this season yet for the boys.

Sporting a 5-mm-thick sole, the toe is decorated with Gucci’s Diamante pattern, with the rest of the shoe covered in the same floral pattern that first came out on a range of bags for girls. Priced at GBP340, I’m this close to heading down tomorrow to either a) get a pair, or b) put myself on the wait list. This, or the horsebit loafers that come in the same floral pattern and come in at GBP390 a pair. What say you?

gucc_new-bamboo-flora Ladies, this is one of the bags with the floral print I was talking about earlier, in canvas and trimmed with leather. The sneakers and loafers also come in variations for the ladies, so you needn’t feel left out either.

Images: Gucci

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