Charlotte Olympia Bamboo Hula Embellished Canvas Tote

charlotte_olympia_bamboo-hula-embellished-canvas-tote Just because the world’s a year older doesn’t necessarily mean we will all be the wiser. There will still be persecution, pollution, poverty, and of course, ugly designer bags.

Which coincidentally brings me to today’s bag, the Charlotte Olympia Bamboo Hula Embellished Canvas Tote. Probably inspired by her travels to Bangkok or Bali, it’s touted by Net-A-Porter as ‘the bag’ for all your city-to-sand essentials. Measuring 32 cm by 24 cm, it’s technically a rectangular canvas bag covered from top to bottom in bamboo strips; it even comes with a pair of bamboo handles.

Call it kitschy, call it retro, or even call it fun, but I’ll call you stupid if you do get one, especially when it’s retailing for GBP695 (that’s almost SGD1400, by the way). Mad, really.

Image: Net-A-Porter

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