Cartier Destinée: The Film

cartier_destinee-the-film True love has a colour and a name.

For those who have yet to experience true love, it is easy to call such sentiments clichéd and naive. But for those lucky ones amongst us who have, you’ll know exactly what it means to live in glorious colour day after day, where words like soul-mates and destiny seem utterly fitting.

Cartier, the luxury French jewellery house, has once again pulled out all the stops to create the ultimate proposal ring for those in love. Aptly named Solitaire Cartier Destinée, it comprises an exceptional solitaire, a radiantly round diamond surrounded by a halo of smaller, brilliant-cut diamonds, the whole confection seemingly embroidered into an illuminating ring of platinum.

To put a spotlight on this everlasting symbol, Cartier has created a beautiful love story in the form of a short film entitled Destinée, which tells of an unexpected marriage proposal. The international production stars dreamy English actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen and elegant Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen, and was directed to romantic perfection by Luca Guadagnino.

Set in an immaculately manicured garden where a wedding reception is taking place, the leads rekindle their once lost love, realise that despite all that went wrong before, that they are indeed meant to be as one. Here’s a look at the behind-the-scenes video clip which includes interviews of the director and the lead actors sharing their thoughts on what love and marriage means to them.

Sweet, isn’t it? The actual short film itself is guaranteed to move you, possibly even to sappy tears, unless you’re a bitter, hard-nosed cynic who has lost all zest for life. For those in love, perhaps it will inspire you to make that leap, forever sealing your love with a ring.

Image & Video: Cartier

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