Bagaholicboy Muses #438 – What You Need To Know About Buying Goyard Online

bbm438 It breaks my heart every time a reader sends me a snapshot of their counterfeit Goyard bag, thinking they bought the real deal. And if I had a dollar for every email I’ve received over the years regarding purchasing Goyard online, I’d literally be swimming in their trunks right now.

After conferring with Goyard Paris on this matter, we’ve decided to set the record straight and hopefully this post will help you on your way towards owning your very own Saint Louis. Or the 233. Or the Marquise. But I digress.

01. Yes, it’s true you can buy Goyard bags (and SLGs) online, but only via email. In other words, you’ve got to email them directly with your enquiries, and someone from the Paris HQ will reply you, along with prices and shipping costs. Everything else is fake, or overpriced if it’s from an online reseller.

02. As far as customisation options are concerned, simple applications like the addition of stripes or initials are possible. Do check with Goyard directly on the amount of time it would take, as well as the additional costs.

03. All orders shipped out of Europe are less VAT, which means you’ll enjoy the savings as if you were doing the claims at the airport. Shipping costs are yours to pay (as are incoming duties and/or taxes), and Goyard uses Goldwings for all international deliveries.

04. As far as prices are concerned, here’s a quick rundown of the more popular models. The Saint Louis GM for example is now EUR800 for the classic hues, and EUR1040 for the others. The PM is EUR700, with those in non-classic hues retailing for EUR910. The 233 starts at EUR3150, while the Ambassade retails from EUR1900.

05. Classic hues refer to Black, Brown and Red (click here to see the colours), while everything else is considered non-classic/limited. They are Burgundy, Green, Navy Blue, Orange, Sky Blue, Yellow and White. And now Grey (T11). Yes, Grey, which is really lovely.

So now you know. And if there are any other queries relating to ordering Goyard’s bags and SLGs via email, just leave a comment here. Or click on this link and drop them an email to get the ball rolling. Happy shopping.

Image: Goyard

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  • ling says:

    May I have the Goyard email for direct order?

  • Hind says:

    Hi, thanks for your information, may I know the official email that I can use to contact Goyard?

  • Abigial says:

    I would like to know is this website (XXX) is legit for me to buy a Goyard bag .

  • Michelle says:

    Hi. I just bought a Goyard Bellechasse one week ago and used it for the first time today, did not put anything heavy in there at all. After one use the threads on the handles became loose! I contacted the NYC store where I got it and they said they have heard of this issue with the threading in this model and they can rethread and reinforce it.

    I am disappointed- have you heard this before? I will speak with the rep in person but I am not sure how they can reinforce the handles any differently. Beautiful bag but I am having some concerns…

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      If the stitching is purely cosmetic, it shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you are not sure even after it is fixed, then get it changed. I’m sure Goyard wouldn’t mind.

  • Figs says:

    Is it true that they now consider Red as a special colour? And that only the Black and Brown are the classic colours?

  • nadine says:

    hi, the link isn’t working can you please tell me the name of their site? can i also have your email to contact you. thank you.

  • Irit says:

    Hello! Would you happen to know the price of the Goyard Marquises in Paris?

  • jasmıne says:

    I am about to place an order to the address you gave and wondering if it’s legit. They asked for my passport number claiming it was necessary for international purchases. I haven’t transferred the money yet (EUR875 for a Saint Louis PM including shipping cost, de-taxed). Can you help me please?

  • Christina says:

    I sent an email to the address you gave. Can you confirm my email is legit?

  • cecil says:

    I have emailed Goyard Paris and they emailed me back and answered my enquiries. Now I want to make sure that I was corresponding with the legit website. Thus their email include the page on your #5 LIST. They emailed me the colours and sizes, the image is the same as yours, with the Saint Louis bag. Please confirm.

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