Zatchels + Hello Kitty Town Saddle

If my hunch is right about this, I probably don’t even have to say anything here about the soon-to-be-released, limited edition Zatchels + Hello Kitty collection and most, if not you all of you Hello Kitty fans will start squealing all at once.

Yes folks, the folks at Zatchels have collaborated with Sanrio to bring you not 1, not 2, but 5 different Hello Kitty covered bags in 3 different styles, the Satchel, the Barrel and the Saddle. Created in mind with something for everyone (and I do mean young and old fans of the mouthless cat alike), with prices starting at just GBP55 all the way to GBP110, which also means this dose of cute won’t break your piggy bank either.

And if I had to pick my favourites, one of them would be the the Town Saddle (shown above), which depicts Hello Kitty, err, in her town complete with rainbows, ice-cream parlours and ferris wheels.

The other one would be this number that’s also pretty adorable, the Polka Dots Bows Satchel, a simple white bag trimmed with black and covered with, you guessed it, polka dots, bows and Hello Kitty’s mug, all over. And if you’re old enough, you’ll probably appreciate the fact that both these designs are more old-school Hello Kitty, not the new fangled interpretative shit we get these days. Which is also probably why I like these two the most.

No word yet on when it will be released online, so the best thing you could do is just to check out Zatchels every day.

Images: Zatchels

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