Update – Moschino Gennarino iPhone4 Case

For those of you still waiting on the Moschino Gennarino iPhone4 Case to be launched in Singapore (it’s coming, it’s coming, just not yet), I’ve got great news. Doing my rounds on Shopbop earlier I came across the Gennarino iPhone4 Case (also good for the 4S, of course), where it’s available now in Beige and wait for it, Fuchsia. Priced at USD75 a pop, get two (or exceed USD100) and you’ll enjoy free international shipping.

If you’re not big on teddy bears, Shopbop also stocks the the Dress iPhone4 Case, also by Moschino. There’s even one shaped like a trenchcoat, which is really more Burberry than anything else, in my opinion, but cute nonetheless. Also priced at USD75 each, please head over and grab yours before they are all sold out. Because they will be.

Images: Shopbop

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