SPORT B. + Eclipse X’mas Limited Editions

There are collabs, and there are collabs. Some fare better than others, while others don’t make any sense at all. And in the case of the SPORT B. + Eclipse X’mas Limited Editions which are due out in Singapore come mid-November, I’ll let you decide.

Personally, I like Eclipse mints (I’m big on Peppermint), and yes I like the different dinosaur prints (they are pretty cute too, I might add) that appear on each limited edition tin, so it’s a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned. Retailing for SGD3.30 a tin, you’ll find all of them at supermarkets and the like, except for Winterfrost (the dark blue tin) that will only be available at Agnès B. & SPORT B. stores across the island.

Will you collect them all? Or are you still wondering why this collab even happened in the first place?

Image: SPORT B.

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