Mulberry Medium Cecily

How I missed this is one of the mysteries I’ll never solve, but after hanging my head in shame, it’s time for a proper introduction. What I originally thought was the Lily is actually the Cecily, a new addition to the Mulberry family. Distinguished by its thick pair of chain handles (one long, one short), both interwoven with leather, having handles of different lengths just adds to its versatility.

Measuring 31 cm across by 19.5 cm, the Cecily comes complete with internal zip and slip pockets, along with a suede-lined interior (a nice touch, I might add) and the Postman’s Lock closure, easily the British brand’s most iconic feature. And to satisfy the varied tastes of women everywhere, Mulberry has the Cecily in different variations, from the one in tweed (shown above) to others in printed snake leather and croc print leather.

With the year end festivities just around the corner, here’s what I would like to call the ‘Party Cecily’, in shimmering Gold Metallic Snake Print. Priced at GBP1100 online via Mulberry, even the clasp is ’embossed’, which just adds to its luxurious feel.

Oh, and one more thing before I go. Besides the Medium Cecily there’s also the Cecily, a smaller version of the former. Measuring just 20 cm across by 15.5 cm, it also comes in a variety of finishes/hues and starts from GBP795 a pop. Have a look at this one, for example, it’s really quite pretty.

Images: Mulberry

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