Maison Takuya Soft Goat Camo iPhone5 Cases

It’s perhaps too much camo to be laying on you in less than 1 day, but I figured since so many of you iPhone5 owners out there are still without decent cases, it wouldn’t hurt to show you these luscious leather ones from Maison Takuya, in particular the Soft Goat Camo ones that are now available in Singapore.

Painted layer by layer to achieve the pattern you see on the cases, they fit snugly around the iPhone5 and don’t add much to the width, which is also why I’m loving mine as much as I do. Priced at SGD99 each, they are available in 4 different hues including the 2 shown above.

If camo is not your thing, check out the ones in German Shrunkencalf which come in 13 different colours at last count. Also priced at SGD99 a pop, you’re not alone if you find the grain pretty familiar.

You can also turn up the luxe and go for the ones in alligator, which are pricer at SGD399 apiece. Thinned out as much as possible without affecting the finish of the skins, these iPhone5 cases are as slim as can be. And if you’re keen to check out them in person, you’ll find them stocked at Nimbus (Wheelock Place), Asiatique (Dempsey Village) and selected iStudio stores in Singapore.

Images: Maison Takuya

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