H&M + Maison Martin Margiela: 8 Things You Should Know About The Collab

With most of you’ve already prepped and ready for this Thursday’s launch of the H&M + Maison Martin Margiela (#MargielawithHM) collab in Singapore, I’m sure you’ve pretty much already made up your mind on what you’ll be grabbing off the racks and shelves come 8 in the morning on 15 November.

For those of you who are not sure, or are waiting on more information, consider this post a timely one. While it may not cover all your queries, I’m pretty sure you’ll find these 10 tips/facts/hints pretty useful.

01. Besides everything you already saw online, there are a couple of surprises as well. For starters, the pumps with removed heel (SGD199) will come with the heels as well, drilled through and laced with a ribbon that you could use as a necklace. Also not featured in the lookbook, and something no one knew about till recently (and something I’m definitely getting for myself), the set of tablecloth and 4 napkins (for the home obviously), priced at SGD199 a set.

02. I could have mentioned this before, but in case some of you missed out on the posts previously, most everything in the collab is made with real leather (yes, even the shoes) and none of that PVC shit, which also explains the higher-than-usual price tags. The quality is definitely better, and personally I like to think of the collab as more COS than H&M.

03. All the apparel (coats, blazers, dresses, shirts and so on) will come with beautiful white-washed hangers, as well as white cotton dust bags. Very Margiela, very lush.

04. This is stating the obvious, but while most of the coats will not work in Singapore’s climate, there are enough pieces to keep those on the island happy. For the boys my favourite pieces include the hand painted loafers (SGD299) and hand painted ankle boots (SGD399). The trompe l’oeil high-top sneakers (SGD199) are also a must-buy, and even more gorgeous in Red.

05. As far as the mens apparel is concerned, the jacket with fused details (SGD249), fusion of two jackets (SGD249), bow tie shirt (SGD159, the collar can be removed, by the way) and the reversed denim jeans (SGD159) are all highly recommended. Here’s something else you may not know, the scarf on the mirror tuxedo jacket (SGD299) can be unzipped and removed for those days when it’s just too much.

06. Ladies, you’re up next. The enlarged watch frame bracelet (SGD79.90) can be worn 3 ways, as a necklace, a bangle, or do a twirl around the wrist with the black ribbon that comes with it. The candy clutch (SGD99.90), which reminds many of moist tissue towelette wrappers, is actually huge, measuring almost 50 cm cross with a zip in the middle of it.

07. Based on what I’ve been hearing from the press and readers, the most coveted pieces from the collab for the girls include the mirror leggings (SGD79.90), the hitched up skirt (SGD159), the darted sweater (SGD249) and the trompe l’oeil dress with evening dress print (SGD159). The invisible wedge pumps (SGD399) should do really well too.

08. As per previous launches, you are only allowed to buy one piece per item (but if a particular style comes in 2 different colours you are allowed to buy both), let in to shop in batches of 30 and given only 10 minutes to shop. Grab first, try that out at the fitting room later. And good luck!

Last but not least, I’m leaving you with the illustrative stylings of Ridwan from ONESIXTYNOTEPAD, featuring Olga in Look 2. Adorable, no?


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