Hermès E-Zip iPad Notebook

There are iPad cases, and then there are iPad cases, and in the case of the new Hermès E-Zip iPad Notebook, it’s truly more than just an iPad case. In case you’re already lost, let me set you straight.

On the outside, it’s as unassuming and as elegant as any typical Hermès offering would be. But once you start unzipping this baby (with the other hand caressing its gorgeously grained body), it transforms into a complete workstation. Yes, it’s not just a case or a cover, it’s a workstation.

On the inside you’ll find the following, from the leather covered magnetic clasp that holds your iPad securely in place to a stand at the back allows you to prop it up. There’s also a slot for your pen, pencil or stylus, enough room for an additional ringed agenda refill and on the other side of the case, enough slots for all manner of cards, papers and the like.

For those of you who do work on the go with the iPad, it’s a no brainer. For those who don’t, well, there’s really no harm giving it a go either, especially when you know that your gadget and notes will be secure within this beautiful hand-assembled Epsom Calfskin leather case.

Need I say more?

Oh yes, I do. In case you’re wondering about its price, it should come in at about SGD2400. Or was it SGD2600? Then again, what’s a couple hundred more when faced with the E-Zip iPad Notebook that’s big on both form and function?

Image: Hermès

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