Case-Mate Creatures iPhone5 Collection

Consider this a quick update. After my previous post regarding Bubbles (the iPhone5 case from Case-Mate), the good folks at Nimbus decided to order some in, which is also the main reason for this post. Now available at their store at Wheelock Place, you’ll find Bubbles (chimpanzee), Tigris (tiger), Xing (panda), Grizzly (bear) and Ellie (elephant, not featured) selling for just SGD39.90. The good? Cute as a button, and with the dangling charm, super adorable. The bad? I do wish the rubber case was tighter, but honestly, for the price I really shouldn’t complain.

If, however, you are more Saturday Night Fever than The Lion King, Nimbus has also brought in some pieces from the Case-Mate’s Glam collection, a selection of iPhone5 cases made of plastic that snap together to protect your mobile. Priced at SGD59.90, they are available in Pink, Silver, Champagne Gold and Silver (not featured).

Besides Case-Mate, other brands you could check out include Smythson (buy them online here) and Maison Takuya (stocked at Cumulus), both of which have leather iPhone5 cases. And if anyone else has spotted new and interesting iPhone5 cases, do feel free to leave a comment here.

Images: Case-Mate

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