Burberry Vintage Haymarket Check Digital Case

If you’re my age (you know, the 30s), you’ll be as surprised as I was when I spotted the Burberry Vintage Haymarket Check Digital Case at Burberry’s online store. Nostalgia quickly kicked in, followed by memories of those younger days spent lusting over tees and bags that came in this same check. It’s not that the Haymarket Check has been discontinued; you’ll still find it today at Burberry, albeit in cleaner, more modern interpretations, but there’s just something about the way this digital case is composed that’s very retro.

It’s like staring at the paper bags that Burberry used to have, or if I remember correctly, wrapping paper that one could buy (non-official, of course) back in the old days at stationery shops when I was still in school.

Retailing for SGD825 a pop, it would be strangely gratifying to whip out your iPad (or Mini iPad) from this PVC/leather-trimmed envelope style carrying case/clutch/portfolio. And it’s something only someone in their 30s would appreciate.

Image: Burberry

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