Bagaholicboy Profiles #39 – Fulfilling The Sins Of Lust

Admittedly, just about everything mentioned on this blog falls into the category of what is lustworthy. We might even go so far as to term satisfying these whims as one of the seven deadly sins. Which brings me to the rather quirkily, and perhaps aptly, named new kid on the personal shopper/concierge service block, Sins Of Lust.

With more and more people jumping on the designer goods bandwagon each day, there is undoubtedly an increasing demand for said lustworthy goods in both Singapore and around Asia. We fall in love with the finer things in life for their renowned quality and meticulous craftsmanship, and possibly for the more frivolous reasons as well; carrying a branded piece of status and prestige is a bonus too.

However, the price tags that come along with fulfilling these decadent wishes can sometimes be on the extravagant side, and the difference in prices here in Singapore can be quite a significant leap over the price for the same piece in Europe. Here’s where Sins Of Lust comes in.

Bringing you the latest collections from designer and luxury brands direct from Europe, they offer a personalised shopping experience, guaranteeing that they deliver only the real deal with each piece inclusive of the brand’s packaging and authenticity card. Best of all, it’s all at a lower price!

If you saw something you really want online and don’t want to wait till it hits our shores, or worse still, discovered to your dismay that it won’t be available in boutiques locally, don’t fret. Just send Sins Of Lust a Facebook message with all the details and they’ll generate a quotation for you within 24 hours. If it’s a go, an invoice will be emailed to you via Paypal and once payment has been received, your dream-come-true accessory will be at your doorstep within 14 to 21 working days.

Easy, right? First things first. Check out their Facebook page here and ‘like’ them to receive regular updates of what’s on offer. Especially with all the Christmas and New Year parties just around the corner, there’s no time like the present to fulfil a new sin…

Image: Céline
This is a special courtesy of Sins Of Lust

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