Tumi Tegra Lite International Carry-On

Having gone and come back from two overseas trips already this month, I’ve picked up a couple of tips along the way. Like how you should never buy a heavy coffee table book believing you’ll beat the weight limit (because you won’t), or the importance of having ziplock bags of all sizes at your disposal.

I’m also now firmly entrenched in the belief that one must always travel with a carry-on piece of luggage, because it’s truly indispensable. For short trips, you can always use it to pack in at least 2 changes of clothes and avoid the whole airport check-in/conveyor belt drama, and zip right out when you arrive.

For long trips, I’ll also use it to pack at least 2 changes of clothes, along with pouches filled with chargers, tech gadgets and whatever else that’s legal in a carry-on. Why? Because I’m also the type that will worry that my luggage will be lost/misplaced, and god forbid I end up at my destination with nothing fresh to wear. Yes, I’m sometimes paranoid like that.

And the one I’ve been using lately is the Tumi Tegra Lite International Carry-On (SGD1060), which besides being really lightweight, is virtually indestructible, made from Tegris that’s also used in lifesaving armour, NASCAR race cars and protective gear for NFL players.

More importantly, besides being one of those that need to be zippered shut, it comes with TSA integrated locks, a pair of zip pockets on the inside (which is really useful) and this patterned exterior in Graphite that looks like new-age rattan. Ok, maybe that’s not the best way of describing it, but it sure is one handsome beast that’s coming along to Paris and Rome with me.

Image: Tumi

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