Bagaholicboy News #235 – Burberry Opens Largest Global Flagship At Regent Street

With every designer brand worth its weight in luxury salt opening larger and bigger flagships all over the world, it’s easy to be jaded by it all. Everyone, it seems, is simply obsessed with making sure theirs is the biggest of them all, filled with even more RTW, bags and accessories than the next. And while that is good and all for business, it isn’t exactly ground-breaking.

So why am I blogging about the fact that Burberry has just opened their largest global flagship at 121 Regent Street (measuring some 44,000 sq ft in all) you ask? Well, because for someone like me that lives 3/4 of his days online (and that’s almost literal), it’s the promise of it being an immersive adventure that ‘blurs physical and digital worlds’.

For starters, the store will boast some 100 video screens, which have been created to ‘bring to life’, allowing those digitally savvy an even more seamless shopping experience. They will also be able to screen events (from store openings/parties around the world to seasonal runway presentations) ‘live’ within the store, which can only be a bonus for fans and customers alike. Then there’s also a permanent hydraulic stage within the store that will be used for live performances, which is another first.

Then there’s the historically-rich building which houses that flagship that was painstakingly restored to its former glory, giving you a sense of reverence with modernity, which makes for an awe-inspiring experience when you’re exploring the store.

In other words, Burberry has done it again, bringing worlds past and present, old and new, physical and digital, together, all at once. But don’t take my word for it; watch the accompany video and take it all in. Or better yet, make it a must-see the next time you’re in London. I know I will.

BURBERRY 倫敦攝政街全球最大旗艦店正式啟動

你會問為甚麼要 blog Burberry 位於倫敦攝政街121號全球最大旗艦店(佔地超過44,000平方公尺)?像我這樣每天花四分三時間上網的人,總是喜歡一種虛擬的科幻冒險;這一間新店,足以模糊現實與數碼的世界,並且把虛實二合為一。

新店以裝甲超過100枚影像屏風為榮,活現網絡光纖世界,把 帶來現實生活,併合數碼化,製造天衣無縫的購物經驗;影像屏風隨時在店裡直播或轉播品牌全球活動、派對及每一季天橋秀,身在其中,猶如置身現場;你認為這樣不夠氣勢?加上一個水壓升降舞台如何?來一個旗艦店現場表演,絕對是行內第一人,又一創舉呀!倫敦攝政街121號歷史悠久,覆蓋一間如此創新的旗艦店,用現代化向歷史敬禮;當你走到這裡,一定驚嘆,昔日與現在;舊與新;現實與數碼的世界融合得如此和諧!你不用執著我的文字,看一看上載的影片,你會計劃下一次去倫敦,這一間店非去不可。

Image & Video: Burberry

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  • XJ says:

    It’s a must-see on my next trip for sure!

  • HenryM. says:

    Was just at the flagship yesterday and I have only one thing to say… BEYOND AMAZING!!! Apparently I was told that this is the only store that stocks the entire Burberry collection in one place!

    Could’ve spent hours just looking at everything which I could barely afford… The presentation is museum-like but the difference is you can purchase the pieces… Christopher Bailey, if you happen to reading this… YOU HAVE OUTDONE YOURSELF!

    P.S. There are even archival pieces on display. I was told off by security for touching the crocodile trench coat on display (sorry but that trench NEEDS a glass case as I couldn’t help myself!). Will definitely be back when I get down to London again, hopefully this time with enough money to bring home that croc trench myself.

  • Vanessa says:

    OMG! I love the video and it looks to be such a great place to shop.

  • JK Lim says:

    This is awesome. I’ll sure check out when I’m there!

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