Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Poche Documents

One of my favourite pastimes in the name of work is to do random searches on websites and see what comes up. And tonight’s find also happens to be one I’ve either never seen before, or have completely forgotten. Introducing the rather handsome Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Poche Documents, a 36 cm by 27 cm coated canvas portfolio that’s also rather functional as well.

Besides the zip pocket that’s positioned slightly askew on the front, you’ll also find another zip compartment, 4 patch pockets and a pair of pen loops. On the opposite side, there’s a larger patch pocket that’s big enough for your iPad. A nice touch, in my opinion, since it would be protected from all the other bits and bobs that you’ll be carrying around.

Retailing for GBP580, it’s something I would consider if not for the fact that I already have so many other clutches and portfolios in my collection. Then again, what’s one more, right?

Image: Louis Vuitton

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  • aluminum_siren says:

    This one is close to double the price of the Monogram Canvas one… I don’t think it is worth it… just hear me out: the only thing extra is the zipper. The Monogram Canvas and Damier Graphite Canvas Keepalls are the exact same price… why is this so much more than the Monogram one just cause of the extra zipper?

  • yed says:

    wow! i have not seen this too! nice nice nice. makes me want to buy something louis again. haha.

  • E says:

    I agree with you but as a frequent traveler / flyer I use such pockets for my boarding pass and passport. The horizontal and wider zipper on the Portfolio Macassar version is better. I just have to get used to the diagonal design I guess.

  • E says:

    Just saw this one in real life in Hong Kong. The SA told me they just had it for 3 days as it is brand new to the collection. It is awesome. I have been thinking for some time to buy the Portfoilio in Macassar but found it too flashy for work with the LV logo all over the place. This one is very nice though and a little more discrete.

    The only disadvantage is the outisde zippered pocket. The zipper is quite small and the pocket deep. This makes that it is difficult to put things in the pocket and even more take things out.

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Honestly, I wouldn’t really fret about the external zipper so much since it’s pretty ornamental. The good thing is, the inside’s pretty functional, so it should more than make up for it don’t you think?

  • ronan says:

    that’s such a great porte-document! love it so much, louis vuitton graphite is probably my fave louis vuitton leather.

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