Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Sac Plat

One of the oldest bag styles still in production today at Louis Vuitton has got to be the Sac Plat (GBP700), first launched in 1968 and styled as an elegant city bag that in my opinion is still pretty relevant today. Elegant and handsome all at once, this vertical tote will work well in the office, and is deep enough to hold say, a laptop and other work files.

Measuring a stately 38 cm by 36 cm, on the inside you’ll find it lined with lush terracotta microfiber, along with a pair of patch pockets and a D-ring. Available in Damier Ebene (shown above) and Monogram Canvas, it has come in materials as varied as EpiMonogram Miroir and the super limited edition one in Murakami Cherry Blossom Cerises that was launched in 2005.

The only downside? It would be perhaps be more functional if it came with a shoulder strap/sling, but then again, it would just probably ruin the aesthetic of it all. Still, it’s a goodie. An oldie, but a goodie.

Image: Louis Vuitton

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  • Sara Clarke says:

    I have owned my beloved sac plat since 2009 and it’s perfect for magazines and books. The inside is lush. Anyway, in my opinion, you need a zipped bag for laptops these days!

  • J.T says:

    It also comes in Nomad. Was shown on the runway for LV MSS12 collection. GORGEOUS!!!

  • Nicholas says:

    There was a runway Sac Plat in Monogram Hexagone too, but sadly it didn’t go into production. It’ll be nice to see Sac Plat in Monogram Macassar.

  • a.Fasione says:

    I agree with you – this would have been perfect with a detachable strap! It would have been nice to see it with one so those toting it with heavy work laptops would have the option of just slinging it vs lugging it around.

    Nonetheless, it is a good looking bag! Would love to see the ones in Epi!

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