Ask The Bagaholicboy #122 – A Casual Bag For A 24-Year-Old And Other Bits…

Q: Hi Bagaholicboy, I’ll be heading to London in September this year and am looking to purchase a casual bag. Some options that I really like but am not essentially sure if I’m ready to break the bank on are the Pandora and PS1. Affordable options that I like include the Legacy Leather Duffle and the New Willis from Coach. Beyond my reach would be the Shoulder Bag from Céline.

A little background just in case it might help! This future bag would probably have to carry me through work (I’m in advertising) and play. It should preferably not be emblazoned with logos and hopefully work well with the black/grey tones in my wardrobe. It would really be great if you could offer me some suggestions.
Ms Huang

A: Thanks for writing in. Objectively speaking, while the Pandora and PS1 are both great bags (and yes, the Shoulder Bag is a great choice too), I would strongly suggest that you go with the Coach options you included in your email. The new Legacy Leather Duffle, for example, is a gorgeous shoulder hobo that’s easy on the eyes and even easier on the pocket.

Retailing for just SGD725 a pop, it’s all leather, roomy and comes in a wide variety of colours that will leave you spoilt for choice. It’s also one of those bags that you can use for both work and play if you pick the more ‘sedate’ hues, which include Camel, Cobalt and Emerald.

Most importantly, I would rather you not spend too much on a bag at your age, which leaves you some extra cash for life’s other little luxuries. And because we all tend to be a little careless and clumsy with bags when we’re young (I know I was when I was twenty-something), spending thousands, ruining it and then getting all angsty about it after is definitely not a good idea.

You can check out Coach’s Singapore site for more options, including other suitable (and affordable) bags like the Legacy Leather Rory Satchel and the Legacy Leather Medium Candace Carryall that I also adore.
Love, Bagaholicboy

And other bits
1. Patrick, for Jack Spade check out Cumulus at Wheelock Place, and as for Lotus & Clegg, it’s stocked at Swagger at Ann Siang Road.

2. Janice, the iPhone cases from Loewe are now available in Singapore. Check out this updated post for more details.

Image: Coach

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