Moschino Gennarino iPhone4 Case

While other brands go for ideals of craftsmanship and luxury as far as their iPhone cases are concerned, Moschino makes no excuses for its fun smartphone case that borders on, how shall we say it, ‘act-cute’.

Simply known as Gennarino (the bear, not the case), the iPhone4 cases will be out at Moschino Paragon come September and priced at SGD100 a piece. Besides the brown case/red bow combination that’s shown above, there’s also one in yellow/blue bow and another in pink/green bow combo.

As far as I can tell, it’s probably made of some PVC-blend, which also means the bear should be reasonably squishy whenever pressure is applied.

Which is always good when you need a ‘hug’ on the go.

Image: Moschino

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