Louis Vuitton + Yayoi Kusama Collection (With Prices In USD)

With our very own Louis Vuitton + Yayoi Kusama pop-up store set to open to the public in 3 days at Ngee Ann City (that’s 15 July 2012 in case you’re keeping tabs), here’s a quick rundown of how much you’ll be paying for these limited edition pieces. Unfortunately, I am only able to provide prices in USD at this point, but it should give you a pretty good idea of how much they will be be priced in Singapore.

First up, the Zippy Wallet (its full name is the Monogram Vernis Dots Infinity Zippy Wallet which is quite a mouthful), which is priced at USD1050. Available in 3 colour combinations, there’s black dots on yellow (shown above), white dots on black and red dots on white. The bracelets (in 2 widths, PM or GM) retail for USD380 and USD465 respectively. The sunnies (Waves Oversize Flower) is USD610 a pop.

I don’t have the price for the agenda cover (PM only) in Monogram Canvas (shown above), but the one in Monogram Vernis will sell for USD550, in the black dots on yellow and  red dots on white combinations. Last but not least, the Chapeau Coin Purse (in the same colours as the Monogram Vernis Infinity Dots agendas) will sell for USD570 a pop.

The large rectangle you see in the corner is the Dots Infinity Beach Towel (yes, it’s a towel) and that sells for USD625. There are quite a few shawls, squares and scarves available, and the one shown above is the Monogram Dots Infinity Shawl (available in 3 colour combinations) which sells for USD860. The one that I like, the Monogram Waves Infinity Pareo is thankfully more affordable, at USD420.

The sunnies with the little flower (Waves Flower) at the corner will sell for USD650, the Monogram Waves Pump for USD1150. The Monogram Vernis Dots Infinity Pump, or Minnie Mouse’s shoe as it is now popularly known as will retail at USD1090 a pair.

Something which I think not many of you have seen as yet is the Monogram Vernis Infinity Dots Pegase45 which will cost you USD4000 just to bring it home. Only available in this colour combination (white dots on black), it’s a definitely show-stopper. The Peter Pan-esque collar (Dots Infinity Collar) is part patent leather, part metal coms in 3 colour combinations and goes for USD1700.

There’s a piece of fine jewellery in the collection, a charm to be precise, the USD7900 Pumpkin Charm in yellow gold with black dots in lacquer. The lush silk twill square (Monogram Town Square), comes in 2 colours (red and white) and sells for USD450.

The Monogram Vernis Infinity Dots Papillon comes in 2 colour combinations (white dots on red, shown above) and black dots on yellow and they go for USD2760 a pop. The Monogram Vernis Infinity Dots Lockit MM also comes in 3 colours combinations and sells for USD3650. Maybe it’s just me, but I think these will sell out pretty fast.

And before I excuse myself to stare at something green for a really long time (all I’m seeing is literally dots now), the Lockit Vertical MM (in red and black trim) and the Lockit GM (only in yellow trim) that are part patent leather trim and part nylon are USD2920 and USD3600 respectively.

If I left anything out, do feel free to chime in with your request and I’ll check it out. Or if any of you have the prices in SGD, please feel free to leave a comment here.

So who’s planning on getting what? Tell me. And do check out the accompanying video as well.

Images & Video: Louis Vuitton

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YOU SHOULD SEE: Louis Vuitton + Yayoi Kusama Collection

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