Bottega Veneta ‘Flocked Suede’ Cabat

This is the Bottega Veneta ‘Flocked Suede’ Cabat from the F/W12 collection. If you look closely, you will see bits of what looks like suede (it is suede, by the way) on the surface of the weaved leather tote. It wasn’t pasted on, nor was it stitched on.

It did, however, undergo a long process that required many man hours, one of which involved flocking the suede and the whole bag being put into the oven to be ‘baked’. Yes, ‘baked’. Which does cause the bag to shrink somewhat, but the end result is a beautifully lustrous tote that’s amazingly detailed yet supple and soft to the touch.

And that’s also the reason you’ll need to part with a five-figure sum just to bring one of these babies home. Because it’s more than just a tote. It’s also almost a work of art.

Image: Bottega Veneta

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