Update – Céline Shoulder Bag

For those of you awaiting the launch of the Céline Shoulder Bag in Singapore, I’ve got good news. Now available at the Céline boutique in Ngee Ann City, it’s truly a minimalist gem and one that’s got Phoebe Philo written all over it.

Shaped like a trapezium, the bag comes with a short shoulder sling that can be detached, which instantly gives you one of two ways of using it. With the strap, it’s a shoulder bag, without the strap, it becomes a clutch. More slouchy than structured, you’ll find 3 compartments on the inside, two compartments at either side, along with a compartment in the middle that’s topped with a zip.

Available in 2 sizes (the smaller one is A4-ish, the larger one is almost A3), there are currently 3 variations available locally. The first is a smaller rendition in pony hair (SGD4200), which gives the bag a very tactile quality.

The remaining two are much larger, in smooth soft calfskin, one in Grey (shown above) and another in Black, priced at SGD3380 a piece.

My heart’s pretty set on the larger one in Black, which I figure will make a great clutch/portfolio for myself. And because it’s so timeless, it will probably pay off in the seasons to come since I’ll be using it over and over again.

Image: Céline

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  • LYn says:

    Hi Bagaholicboy, you mentioned you bought this bag a few years ago. How is the shape holding up? Does it retain it’s shape considering the leather is so soft?

    I wanted to buy this bag a while ago, but never did get a chance as it’s not available anymore.

  • anne soh says:

    I was just there 2 weeks back, still here.

    The funny thing was, I was looking to buy a Nano, and there were still stock left? Maybe the hype has died down? Seems like they are not as unattainable as I thought.

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      You probably went in on the day when new stocks came in.
      It’s funny isn’t it. When it’s there we wonder if it’s worth it. When it’s not, we grumble.

  • Tj says:

    I’ll be there in July, do you thing it’s still gonna be there? Love it so much!

  • Jason Tan says:

    I’m definitely loving it! The simplicity and clean lines – a staple piece in anyone looking for a timeless classic bag. Wonder if it will slouch at the bottom if one has slightly heavier items inside?

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Well, it’s an iPad for example I believe it’s still fine. It may slouch a little, but I think that’s the way it is supposed to look, relaxed and casual.

  • a.Fasione says:

    Loving the one in pony hair – primarily due to the color.

  • Pamela says:

    Love it so much! Saw it just now at Celine too!
    Thing is, I just started working, so BB can you recommend something similar that’s not too ex?

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Let me have a look around and get back to you via email.

      • Jean says:

        Hi I’m keen to get the recommended model as well. I check out Singapore but they didn’t seem to bring this model in till last week and the pony hair model is not available here on Singapore, nor is the blue one.

        • Bagaholicboy says:

          Put yourself on the wait list? As far as SG is concerned, the bags have come and gone. I bought the large black one in SG, I also saw the ones in grey (large), burgundy (small) and another in pony hair.

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