SK-II Men Collection

It’s finally here.

After a long wait, the SK-II Men collection will be launched in Singapore come early July 2012 at SK-II Isetan counters. A 3-piece skincare suite (because anything more would probably be too complicated since the first rule of mens skincare is to keep it simple) specially formulated for the guys, it is made up of the Facial Treatment Essence, the Age Revilatize Moisturiser as well as the Moisturising Cleanser.

Just to give you an idea of how much you’ll be spending, getting yourself the entire suite will set you back by SGD337. Priced from SGD89 (Moisturising Cleanser) and up, the priciest item in the suite costs SGD189, which is for the 150 ml bottle of Facial Treatment Essence. The 75 ml bottle costs SGD99, while the Age Revilatize Moisturiser, SGD149.

Whether it actually works or not, however, is something that’s still debated. Some have said that it’s basically the same product given new packaging, while others claim it works miracles. At the end of the day, I guess the only way you’ll find out is to actually try it out and see for yourself. Which I’ll be doing, for sure.

Image: SK-II

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  • dtseluj says:

    I bought the fte for men 150 ml bottle for S$132 in Seoul, and have been using it for 2 weeks. Perfect for Singapore’s humid climate, as it absorbs within 2 minutes upon application, and leaves a non-sticky, tingling sensation.

    Cleared my black and whiteheads within a week, and left my face hydrated and skin tone balanced as claimed. What an investment! With only 3 drops twice a day, the bottle should last me at least 4 months solid!

  • Jo says:

    Got some samples of the Moisturiser and Treatment Essence today. It’s odorless and the consistency unremarkable.

  • Ju says:

    Its a little too pricey, for myself I’m using artistry balancing set, good enough to maintain my skin. Right now waiting for men’s series!

  • razer says:

    Still riding on the pitera wagon huh, they have always been overpriced, I’m just curious who will be the face of the men series… which ASIAN celebrity?

    My wife’s a big Artistry fan, with their men series coming soon too, it’ll be a great addition for me, awesome product, just that packaging is abit feminine for me.

  • dozer says:

    overpriced lah! just use biotherm homme. or aramis.

  • I asked for the difference in Seoul when it was released 6 mths ago. The main difference is there’s supposedly more collagen and pitera content in the guy’s version.

    But SG is seriously overpriced, fly over to HKG and it’s at least 30 to 40% cheaper. (FB)

  • Mervyn Chan says:

    There’s no difference. Same formulations repackaged to target men who refuse to be associated with ‘ladies’ skincare. The moisturiser is simply a lighter version of the Lifting Emulsion. (FB)

  • Keith says:

    Hi all, I took the jump and tried it out 6 months ago when it was released in Seoul and yup, my skin condition is better and I don’t even use it daily.

    But please don’t buy SK-II Men in SG, the 150 ml bottle goes for SGD116 in HKG, just do the math.

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