Loewe Napa iPhone Case

If there’s only one thing to be said about the F/W12 Loewe Napa iPhone Case collection, it’s this. I can’t remember the last time I raved about iPhone cases, especially those as beautiful as these.

Made of the softest nappa leather money can buy, they are also designed in a way that actually makes it difficult for you to access your iPhone, since it isn’t exactly just a slip case or a cover. And that to me, makes sense.

If one relates luxury to the act of taking things slower and enjoying life, then your iPhone should be the last thing you always reach for if all you need to do is to see if anyone new has followed you on Twitter, or if your Instagram pic garnered any likes since you posted it 30 seconds ago.

There’s a button clasp on the case, which obviously keeps your iPhone secure whenever it’s kept within. More importantly (or so I would like to believe), the button (which you don’t really see anymore on SLGs these days) is an intentional reminder of eras gone by where the luxury of doing nothing was more important than the haste of doing everything. Which truly makes these cases more luxurious and precious indeed.

Priced at EUR150 each, they are available in 4 different colours that each come with a surprise on the inside; open it up and you’ll find the interiors in a different, contrasting hue. Now available in Europe at Loewe boutiques, you’ll just have to wait a little longer till they are released in Asia.

Image: Loewe

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