Bagaholicboy Profiles #36 – An Introduction To Tasche und Beutel

The newest kid on the local online shopping block calls themselves Tasche und Beutel. Rookies though they may be, seeing as how they were only just established in May this year, they do seem to have it all figured out in terms of who they are and what purpose they serve.

Specialising in bringing in bags and SLGs from all the favourite luxury brands, think British, French and Italian, and offering them to shoppers at discounted prices, Tasche und Beutel guarantees 100% authenticity in extremely limited quantities. One piece per item, to be precise. Unless otherwise stated, of course.

Like every authentic Singaporean, the people behind Tasche und Beutel love promotions and freebies too, so they plan on spicing things up periodically throughout the year. Loyal customers can expect additional privileges such as birthday discounts and special giveaways. It’s Tasche und Beutel’s bid to give back some love to their supporters.

They will also provide concierge services at very competitive rates, with all charges for items purchased overseas based on the prevailing credit card exchange rate. They promise no padding, no sneaky inflating of prices, and utter transparency in the whole process. All items purchased come with their original packaging and receipts and they’ll even show you credit card receipts reflecting the exchange rates for your peace of mind. And for the sake of your bank account.

Offering not just free delivery within Singapore, the site is also proud to declare that they offer same day evening deliveries (unless you live in far-flung spots the likes of Sentosa Cove or Pulau Ubin). Currently available items include pieces from Bottega Veneta, Gucci and Prada (with upcoming shipments from Céline, Chanel and Hermès) for starters, so if you want to get in on the action, you might want to hurry over there now.

If these pieces aren’t your cup of tea, don’t fret. Bookmark them, and like them on Facebook here to keep up with their latest offerings. And you might want to head over right now, since they are in the process of giving away a brand new bag from Miu Miu (shown above) worth SGD2080.

Image: Tasche und Beutel
This is a special courtesy of Tasche und Beutel

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