Burberry Brit Leather Detail Cotton Backpack

It’s official. Backpacks are officially back, and in case you missed the memo, here’s what you should be looking out for. As far as I’m concerned, you should be looking at something that’s made of canvas (coated or otherwise), twill or even cotton, and preferably trimmed with leather, be it on the shoulder straps or on the pockets’ belted closures.

It should look rugged and outdoorsy, with a drawstring opening (but that’s entirely optional), or a front flap. And if you’re on a lookout for such a backpack, you can check out Burberry Brit Leather Detail Cotton Backpack, which fits all the criteria and will set you back by SGD1150.

Or check out My-Wardrobe’s selection of backpacks online, where they stock brands like Barbour and Sandqvist, both of which has similar backpacks from around GBP85 and up.

If you’re a lady and don’t mind getting a backpack (or in this case, a rucksack) yourself, you could check out the smaller (and rounder) Burberry Brit Canvas Utility Rucksack that retails for SGD1025.

And speaking of Burberry, here’s their new campaign video for May that celebrates Brit White, a collection of apparel and accessories that are all about, you guessed it, white stuff. Which is nice and all, so long as you don’t get a white backpack that will just be a nightmare to maintain.

Images & Video: Burberry

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