YSL Rubber Loafer Shoes

With the weather the way it is in Singapore lately (and having ruined a pair of leather loafers walking in the rain recently), I’m seriously contemplating picking up a pair of these just to save the other ones in my closet from a similar fate.

From Matches comes the YSL Rubber Loafer Shoes, a new season addition that was just launched online. Made of moulded rubber from end to end (and similar to the ones Gucci did last year), these are virtually waterproof and indestructible, and all you’ll need to do after getting home soaked is to rinse it out  and dry it in the sun before the next time you wear them.

Available in a trio of colours (including Cranberry and Khaki which are shown above), they retail for GBP150 (around SGD300 after conversion before shipping) a pair. Definitely more expensive than say, a pair of Havaianas, but a whole lot smarter, and way cheaper than my ruined pair of Car Shoes.

 Image: Matches

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