New Balance Past Present Future 620 Collection

For those days when I’m itching to buy something for a song that’s also actually functional, I’m thankful for brands like New Balance. A brand that needs no introduction (especially if you’re around my age), it was once so cool it was the de rigueur standard issue for those in the know back in the 90s. And because I owned a few pairs myself way back then, it’s not completely unfamiliar to me, the most distinct feature being the letter N you’ll see on every pair.

But enough digressing. As part of its S/S12 collection, the brand has launched the New Balance Past Present Future 620 collection, an ensemble of 3 different styles representing (you guessed it) the past, the present and the future. Having tried out all 3 pairs yesterday, I naturally gravitated towards Past, which besides being the pair that fitted (and looked) best on me, was also retro enough to get me fuzzy and nostalgic all at once.

Priced at SGD129, SGD125 and SGD135 respectively for the trio (I did say they were going for a song, didn’t I), you can get them at New Balance, Limited Edt and Leftfoot stores around Singapore.

Steve Jobs would approve.

Image: New Balance

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