Bagaholicboy Muses #431 – 5 Things You Should Know About The H&M + Marni Launch!

With less than 48 hours to go before the H&M + Marni collection launches in Singapore, here’s a quick (and hopefully useful) guide for those who are planning to join in the queue. Having just spoken to a spokesperson from H&M (which makes this post rather official as well), here are 5 things you should take note of.

01. H&M will officially open at 8 on the morning of 8 March 2012. For those who have been issued bracelets, they will be allowed to shop the H&M + Marni collection. Those without bracelets will also be allowed in, but just to shop the regular collections.

Good luck, however if you’re intending not to queue and somehow find a way to squirm yourself in. The collaboration merchandise will only be sold to those wearing the issued bracelets.

02.  There are 14 different coloured bracelets in all, and H&M will issue the bracelets as soon as the queue is deemed large enough. Once you’ve received your bracelet, you’re free to leave the queue and come back at your allotted time slot, which is matched to the colour of your bracelet.

After 11.30am, H&M will assess the crowd and if there is still a long queue, shoppers for the collab collection will still be let in in batches.

03. Refreshments will be provided for those queuing overnight, as well as in the morning to keep your energy levels up for pushing and shoving if need be. Just don’t go down at night without dinner and expect an upsized McDonald’s meal with extra fries because that’s not going to happen.

04. Each person issued will be allowed to shop for 10 minutes, so focus on what you’ve already listed down on your wish list and don’t get distracted. You can try on the outfits after the allotted shopping time. When in doubt, just buy first since H&M allows returns for merchandise that’s still intact with all the tags attached.

05.  You’re also only allowed to buy one piece per style. Deal with it.

And if anyone else has questions to which answers can’t be found above (or in the links below), do feel free to pop your question in the post’s comments section.

Image: H&M

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