Mulberry Holiday Small Bayswater Satchel

While this may be inconsequential to most of you out there, there is something I just noticed about the Mulberry Holiday Small Bayswater Satchel I felt prudent to report. Call it an occupational hazard, but if you have a look at the base of this bag, you’ll realise it’s slightly taller than the regular Small Bayswater Satchel. Taller by 3 cm in fact, which makes it well, taller. Which makes a whole lot of difference in terms of capacity.

Available in Lemon Sherbet as well as Nightshade Blue, you can pick them up online at GBP796 a pop.

And while we’re on the topic of small Bayswater bags, here’s another new season variation you could check out. Known as the Mulberry Quilted Small Bayswater Satchel, a sweet confection of candy pink quilted denim and light caramel leather. Priced at GBP495, you can also get this little darling online at Mulberry.

Images: Mulberry

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