Hermès Jypsiere

Once you look past house standards like the Birkin and the Kelly, you’ll realise there’s actually still a whole lot more (as far as bags are concerned) that can be discovered at Hermès, which while is probably famous because of the former two, shouldn’t be defined by them alone, either.

And while I go could on and on about all the bags you never knew existed at Hermès, today’s post is especially dedicated to Hermès Jypsiere, which while looking similar to the Birkin as far as the locking clasp is concerned, the comparisons end there.

Instead, the Jypsiere is a sling or messenger (depending on the size you get) which is both smartly chic and elegantly casual all at once, and just the type of bag you’ll want across your body whilst cycling around the city, visiting a museum or just enjoying a weekend in town shopping.

Available in 3 different sizes (28, 34 and 37, which refer to the width of the bag), they all come with a pair of pockets, as well as a zip pocket on the inside, which makes organisation easier.

Depending on where you are in the world, you’ll find them in a wide array of colours, and prices range from around USD8000 and up. The largest of the lot, the 37, retails for USD9200, for example.

Personally, I’m tempted to hock everything I have just to get myself a Jypsiere37.

Images: Hermès

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  • Leona says:

    Excuse me while I sell every bag I own…. I NEED THIS.

    Any idea how long the waiting list is for this beauty? A SA told me that I’d have to wait for four years for the Birkin and Kelly so I really hope it’s not the case for this piece.

    And could you recommend a place that I can sell my bags please… I’m serious about the Jypsiere.

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      It’s definitely not as difficult to get as the Birkin or the Kelly. Walk into any H boutique here and you’ll see it.

      You can try eBay, or Deluxe Mall. Or sell them to a pre-loved designer bag outlet.

  • Brontski says:

    Love the Jypsiere! I have a canvas and leather one that I bought in London and it’s lovely. However… awkward to use without keeping the flap tucked in all the time and the purse open. Bit odd.

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