Chanel Steel Bocce Ball Set

Officially, this is a bocce ball set, used in a sport where grown adults stand around a grass lawn and bowl little balls around. And while that’s all fine and good, all I’m feeling about it is how nicely it will go with my decor at home, lovely pieces to accent my room, which I honestly think will go well with my whitewashed Chinese bookcase.

I’ll display the balls on tiny pedestals, for example, while the large box can be used to store event invitations and the like. And that’s the closest I’ll ever get to decorating my home with Chanel, till of course Uncle Karl decides to launch a collection of vases or a line of bedspread. Or has he?

And for those who actually play sports, in this case, tennis, how about a USD600 graphite tennis racket from Chanel? Matching tennis balls (4 in a set with their own quilted carrying case) will sell for SGD450.

Images: Chanel

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