Bagaholicboy Muses #430 – 10 Things You Should Know About The H&M + Marni Collection!

With the full collection due to be launched in Singapore with less than a month to go, most if not all of you would have already found ways to take leave/off/MC just to get in on the action, which would start with standing in line and queuing up from the day before. But before that day that comes, here are 10 things you should know about the H&M + Marni collection.

01. As far as the limited edition collaboration goes, it is pretty extensive for both genders in the approximately 95-piece collection. Naturally, the girls get around 66 pieces, while the boys will have to contend with just 29.

02. Those in the queue will only be allowed to purchase one piece per style. In other words, if there are say, 6 different styles of necklaces available, you’ll only be allowed to buy one piece each.

03. Ladies can look forward to cardigans in wool or silk, printed trousers, silk shorts, blouses, jackets, skirts and leggings. There’s also a tee and a one-piece swimsuit that’s oh so retro. Accessories wise, there are 7 variations of chunky necklaces in different colours, a pair of sequinned collars, acrylic drop earrings, colour block bracelets, sandals and shoes.

04. The bags are pretty ho-hum (3 designs in all), but the silk scarves/foulards are darling. Rounding up the collection we have a conical wide-brimmed hat, a pair of sunnies, socks (yes, socks) and a pair of belts.

05. The hat and the belts will retail for SGD14.90 each, the sunnies and the earrings will sell for SGD39.90 a pair and between SGD39.90 and SGD49.90 for the chunky bracelets. Shoes will range between SGD119 and SGD199,

06. The most expensive piece in the womens collection is the long sleeveless silk dress that will sell for SGD199The silk dress that was featured in the ad campaign that many of you have been lusting over will retail for SGD159.

07. And now for the guys. The mens collection is much smaller, but there are enough pieces to keep most of the boys happy. Besides the usual offerings of shirts, trousers and shorts, there is also a hoodie, a pair of swim shorts, 2 parkas and a coat.

08. Rounding up the collection for the boys include accessories like bags that include a duffle (SGD79.90) and a tote (SGD159), a pair of sandals, ties, sunnies, socks (yes, again with the socks) and a pair of silk scarves.

09. Prices will start at SGD14.90 for a pair of socks all the way to SGD299 for the parkas and the coat, which are also the most expensive pieces in the whole collaboration collection. Design wise, the mens collection is more limited, with only 2 shirts and the swim shorts in prints. The rest of the pieces are either striped or in bold colours, browns and blues.

10. Check out all 23 looks from the H&M + Marni collection, click here for the womens looks, and here for the mens looks.

And before I sign off, check out the video which showcases most, if not all of the pieces that you’ll lusting over (and queuing up for) come 8 March 2012. What from the #marniathm collection are you eyeing for yourself?

Images & Video: H&M

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YOU SHOULD SEE: H&M + Marni Mens Lookbook

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