Louis Vuitton Transparent Lockit

I’m pretty sure this S/S12 stunner from Louis Vuitton will come with a much fancier name, but for now, it shall simply be referred to as the Transparent Lockit. One of the runway pieces which I hear has a waiting list from here to the Kingdom of Caring already (that’s where the Care Bears live, by the way), this cloud-like beauty features a transparent voile exterior detailed with the house monograms, trimmed with leather all round the base as well as the handles.

Also available in a clutch, as well as a much larger Lockit East-West size, I’m personally keen to find out how much this baby will cost once it hits the shelves sometime in late February early March.

UPDATE: Tentative prices are in, and they are SGD2440, SGD4500 and SGD4700 for the clutch, Lockit and Lockit East-West respectively.

Image: Louis Vuitton

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