Goyard Sainte Lucie

There are many reasons why I always make it a point to visit Goyard whenever I’m in Paris, and one of those reasons is the off-chance you get to discover something old. Yes, old. Confused? Let me explain.

Having a lineage as old and as revered as Goyard does means they have an ample historical archive, and if you choose to look past offerings like the Saint Louis and the Boeing, the Ambassade and the Croisière, chances are you’ll find something you’ve never ever seen before, and the experience of it for someone like me is akin to unearthing hidden treasures.

Which was the case the last time I was in Paris, when I ventured in looking for a shoulder strap and a wallet for my partner. With those tasks accomplished, my eyes started to wander around the store and landed on the Goyard Sainte Lucie which was sitting in the display cabinet.

What looked like a folded briefcase quickly turned into something else. Undo the buttons on the top flap and it unfurls into a tall vertical tote that measures 34 cm by 33 cm by 16 cm. Lightweight (it literally weighs next to nothing) and roomy (when unfurled), it was just the type (and shape) of tote I still don’t have in my own collection, and right there and then I almost committed.

Available in a limited number of colours and priced at EUR1350 each, I’m definitely picking one up if I ever find my way back to Paris, or have one customised to my personal specifications, which is also possible at Goyard. I just need to decide. Soon.

Image: Goyard

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