Cruise 2012 Mens H&M + Versace

I have only 5 things to say about the Cruise 2012 Mens H&M + Versace collection that’s due out sometime in middle of January. Firstly, the collection won’t be available in Singapore, so don’t bother queuing.

Secondly, the collection is in my opinion more wearable than the first one, with a colour palette consisting mostly of blues, whites and blacks. In other words, those expecting loud (and bright) prints like the first instalment will be severely disappointed.

Thirdly, some of the accessories are making a comeback, like the leather cuff and the necklace with the sword and shield, but instead of gold-tone hardware, they will be available in silver-tone hardware this time round.

Fourthly, if I had to choose just one item from the whole lot, it will have to be the silk robe. And last, but by no means least, while River Viperi is hot, David Beckham for H&M is way hotter.

Images: H&M

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